The foot forms the foundation of the whole body. Your foot contains many muscles, ligaments, bones, and joints. We run and walk and do other movements using the feet. This is the reason why your feet hurt badly or feel pain when you do not take care of them properly. You normally exert pressure on the foot when running, standing, jumping or walking. When you start feeling pain when doing any of these activities, then you should take precaution immediately so that you do not develop chronic foot disorders.

Foot problems that men commonly experience

Athlete’s foot


If you see reddish rashes in between the toes when you come for swimming, then it could be a sign of athlete’s foot. This is an infection which occurs mainly to swimmers. Do not leave athlete’s foot untreated otherwise it may cause ulcers. Always carry sandals along while going for swimming. Also, ensure your feet are well dried after using a public shower.

Bacterial and fungal infection

The feet can develop bacterial and fungal infections if you do not give them adequate fresh air to stay cool and dry. When you wear shoes for long, some parts of the feet like toenails, the bottom of your foot and the space between toes do not get enough fresh air. These areas, therefore, become humid and warm which is a breeding spot for bacteria and fungus. These conditions lead to redness, dry skin, peeling, blisters, and itching. Failure to treat the feet quickly can worsen the infection and cause more serious problems.

Calluses and corns

You should avoid wearing shoes that you feel uncomfortable in because your feet will get rubbed against the shoes frequently while running or walking. This way your feet get to develop calluses and corns. When treating this condition, do not just go for medicine from a pharmacist but consult a doctor for treatment from the source.


Bunions occur in men when you get a bony bump in the big toenail. The toenail gets bent and pushes your next toe. This problem is serious and often leads to swelling of your big toe as well as redness. If you wear low quality and tight-fitting footwear, then you can develop ugly bunions.

Ankle sprain

foothealthleftafsgdhjfklAmateur athletes mostly develop ankle sprains when they exert excess pressure on the ankle. Walking on uneven surfaces can also cause this condition that results in acute tearing of your ankle ligament and pain. When buying shoes, invest in high-quality, soft sole shoes that will help you walk stably and comfortably.

These foot problems are common in men and mostly cause because of the wrong footwear. Invest in the right shoes to prevent these problems.